Botero Museum

Located in Bogotá is the Botero Museum, holding one of the most important Latin America international collections of art. It is also very close to other famous sites in Bogotá. When I visited this museum, I wasn’t very familiar with the artist Fernando Botero .


The Botero Museum is found in the neighborhood of La Candelaria, the historic centre of Bogotá. It is in a colonial mansion that was acquired by the Bank of the Republic and made suitable to house the art collection by Fernando Botero himself.

Even if you’ve never heard of Fernando Botero, you’ll probably recognize some of his highly distinctive paintings of oversized (read: chubby) characters, including dodgy dictators, fleet-footed dancers, dogs and birds. Colombia’s most famous living artist.


Botero is a prolific sculptor and his curvaceous bronze statues display equally generous girth.


I love this museum, which I visited on the first day I was in Bogota. I had a little bit of altitude sickness when I was there, but it did not stop me from enjoying this beautiful museum.

The way Botero deals with representation in his art is quite interesting. You can see that all the pictures, and sculptures are quite exaggerated in form, looking voluptuous, and round. There is, additionally, an amazing modern art collection here in this museum – one of the finest in South America. It must be visited when in Bogota!


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  1. Very interesting Gerson and once you leave this museum, it seems perfectly natural to go out for a meal where it is okay to indulge in a fattening first course topped off with an elaborate dessert and not feel any pangs of guilt!

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