Masonic Mysteries of Regaleira!

Quinta da Regaleira is located in the historical centre of Sintra, Portugal. The land where this palace was built had many owners. The property consists of a romantic palace and chapel, and a luxurious park that features lakes, grottoes, wells, benches, fountains, and a vast array of exquisite constructions. The palace is also known as “The Palace of Monteiro the Millionaire”, which is based on the nickname of its best known former owner, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro.





The four hectares of land in the surrounding estate is formed by densely treed park lined with myriad roads and footpaths. The woods are neatly arranged in the lower parts of the estate, but are left wild and disorganized in the upper parts, reflecting Carvalho Monteiro’s belief in primitivism. Decorative, symbolic, and lively structures can be found throughout the park.




The park has an enigmatic system of tunnels which have multiple entry points that include: grottoes, the chapel, Waterfall Lake, and “Leda’s Cave,” which lies beneath the Regaleira Tower. The “Initiation Well” (see next section) connects to other tunnels via a series of underground walkways.








This was well planned, and it is magnificent. You can spend all day walking around, and there is always a surprise. It holds many hidden mysteries. It is one of my favourite palaces in Sintra. When you walk to Leda’s Cave it is quite scary and dark, sometimes you need to have your flashlight to see the path. It a very interesting place to visit.

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  1. Your post is beautiful with the introduction of this remarkable place in
    Sinatra, Portugal. Your photos give a near and real feel and I particularly love the one from the grottos that is all golden.


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  2. “Leda,” if I’m not wrong, was the mother of Helen of Troy. Zeus came down in the form of a swan and raped Leda. The offspring, Helen, being a demigoddess, was naturally the most beautiful woman in the world. A man named Paris (I think) abducted her and ran, and this outrage was the start of the Trojan War, according to legend… Hopefully this was the same Leda… Interesting place. Thanks.


  3. (I think my comment went into cyberspace or SPAM) … You had a very interesting post and comprehensive as usual so that we feel as though we were traveling alongside you through these historical places and caves.

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