The Jewel of the Caribbean!

The beautiful city of Cartagena is situated in the north of Colombia, on the Caribbean coast. It is a very interesting place to visit. One of the main reasons I wanted to visit this city was because of a famous film, in the 1980s with Kathleen Turner, and Michael Douglas. The film was called ‘Romancing the Stone’.


Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. By the sea, is the walled Old Town, founded in the 16th century, with squares, cobblestone streets and colourful colonial buildings.





With a tropical climate, the city is also a popular beach destination. Reachable by boat are the Isla de Barú, with white-sand beaches and palm trees, and the Islas del Rosario, known for their coral reefs.



This city is amazing and so colourful. It has a sad story as well. It one of  the main ports of the slave trade, which brought a lot of slaves from Africa to South America.



I was walking around and found a pavement with the most beautiful Colombian beauty queens – Beauty pageants are still very popular in Latin America.


Cartagena is where you will find the space to interact with nature and learn the culture, customs, memories and stories of a people who carry the flavor of the Caribbean in their folklore. A place that must be visited!

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  1. I was in Cartagena as a port of call on a Panama Canal cruise – it was beautiful but I was only there for a day, if that long. We did see the city with its colorful architecture and got to see the big and bustling marketplace and looked at some places that sold emeralds – I did not buy any, but some people from the tour group wanted to visit and buy some. This brought back some memories.

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      1. Yes I think they were expensive too – I think I just peered in the window at them. But I believe that someone came onto the cruise ship with a suitcase of emerald jewelry if memory serves me right – it’s been awhile – I was there in 1982. I was not interested in any jewelry but I did buy some small items in the marketplace.

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