Brazil’s North Eastern Coast

The state of Paraíba in Brazil has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. There are miles and miles of unspoiled beaches with little development around them, which makes them very attractive. Most of the beaches are in areas of preservation.


The most eastern point of the Americas – the point that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean is situated here, in João Pessoa, the capital of the state. Parts of the cliffs in this area are in danger as they are eroding. The area is restricted now for safety.



Costa do Conde (Conde Coast) is the district that holds most of the unspoiled beaches. There are lots of points where you can stop and enjoy incredible views. These beaches attract lots of tourist attentions for their unique beauty, but rarely seem crowded or busy as they cover a large area.


The falésias are very intriguing. This big and unusual looking area is formed by erosion uncovering layers of different coloured sands.  It looks amazing, and when you walk around the falésias, they look very impressive and strange. Walking among them makes you feel as though you’re on another planet.




To be able actually to reach these areas, you probably need to drive. They are all quite spread out. You can do a buggy ride, which doesn’t cost a lot, and spend all day enjoying nature, and the magnificent views.

I am glad I had the opportunity to explore this area, which is so unspoiled and preserved in its natural beauty. I really enjoyed doing this spot of ecotourism.


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  1. White sand beaches are pretty rare nowadays. It’s good to know that there are still some left out there. I just hope more people become conscious of this and make an effort into lessening the pollution in the ocean. Great post by the way!

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