Aviario Nacional de Colombia

The bird park is close to Cartagena, about half an hour to an hour’s drive (depending on traffic) is  well worth a visit. This place is amazing, well kept, and the birds live in their natural habitats.



Wandering the wilderness amongst exotic birds and lush green trees at the Aviario National Park,  shows you the homes of some of the rarest and most exotic species of birds in South America – 135 different types to be exact.


The pink flamingos were amazing! These are among my favourite birds: you cannot get tired of looking at them!


I was really amazed with this park, and glad I had the opportunity to visit. It was really sunny when I was there, and warm. The parrots were amazing, and freely flying, and moving around the trees. I also had the pleasure to see a bird show, which runs daily at 11:30 am, and 3:30 pm. In the show, some of the birds that were rescued by the park, performed.

Here is a short video from the bird presentation. There are very knowledgeable people there. It was a great experience.




This tourist attraction promotes the care of nature, along with the importance of environmental sustainability. You can find the Harpy Eagle, the Caribbean toucan, Pink Flamingos, Crane Corona, and many, many others there.


I loved this bird, so cute – especially the hair-do! The wonders of nature!


Two toucans sitting on a bench: gorgeous birds!


It also has three systemic eco environments (rainforest, coast and desert) that support its wide variety of permanent exhibits. You must visit this place if you are around Cartagena!


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  1. What a wonderful place of protection and safety and the birds are so colorful! I love the pictures of the flamingos, graceful and bright and their reflections in the water too. So nice to see you!🌷

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      1. Yes I did visit Cartagena – that was a port of call and where our cruise ship docked on the Panama Canal cruise. It was a busy port and a bustling port city as I recall. We went to a big marketplace in the center of the City. Some of the people went to an emerald store but I did not go with them. Glad you have returned. I like birds and have had several pet birds and I thought the world of them. There was a similar bird “jungle” on one of the Bahama Islands. Maybe St. Thomas? They had beautiful parrots like you had in your post.

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