The Valley of the Dinosaurs!

The park, ‘The Valley of the Dinosaurs’, is situated in Sousa, in the north east of Brazil, in the state of Paraíba. This park has the most incidents of dinosaur footprints in the world. It is one of the few places in the world where visitors can walk alongside fossilised tracks from 80 different dinosaur species. The city is full of dinosaur replicas, which is quite amusing to see as you drive or walk around!


The most amazing thing about this place is to walk around this natural monument alongside dinosaur footprints in different shapes and sizes and life-size replicas of these Jurassic creatures: you’ll be taken back in time over 100 million years!


The museum in ‘The Valley of the Dinosaurs’ has all the history about the prints, how it all started, and their continuing work. You can have a guide who will take you around the park, explaining all about the prints. It’s all very interesting.


The Valley of the Dinosaurs (Vale dos Dinossauros) contains about 20 fossilised tracks from 80 different species of dinosaurs. The walkways let visitors near the 50 fossilised footprints of the carnivorous Noasauridae and 53 tracks of the herbivore Iguanodon, among many others.


I always saw dinosaur prints in museums, but have never actually been in an area where they have lived – that was quite an interesting experience.

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  1. That is interesting and I didn’t know they preserved the prints … I do know someone who is very interested in fossils so I’m going to pass it along to Tom. I have always been interested in dinosaurs too – the Chicago Museum which I went to years ago was amazing when I went years ago. It’s been ages since I went to a museum, probably the Smithsonian Museums in ’77 and Toronto used to have a great museums. Great post!

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