Indigenous Mysteries!

The City of Ingá is situated about 96 km from João Pessoa, in Paraíba, Brazil. The state is situated in the north east or the country.  Ingá has one of the most interesting archaeological findings in Brazil.



Researchers have found several carvings of figures, fruits, animals and other unknown figures, and, mysteriously and importantly carved into the Ingá stone are maps of the Milky Way and the constellation of Orion.




Some archaeologists think that the carvings dates back 6,000 years, but the exact date remains a mystery.  Some researchers argue that the Ingá Stone has a Phoenician origin, but this theory has not been confirmed. Brazilian researcher Gabriele Baraldi has spent a great deal of time in studying the encrypted messages on the Ingá stone. According to his theory, the Ingá Stone carvings are proof of unknown ancient technology. The indigenous Brazilian people that lived in the area were called the Guarani, and the stone is sometimes called the Itacoatiara do Ingá from the Tupi-Guarani language. The area is very pretty, with a little river, and beautiful rocks around.




I found this site really incredible. It is in the middle of a quite remote area. All the mystery around it is interesting. We arrived there quite early in the morning, and the site was only open from 9 am, but the very nice door man let us go in earlier: it was amazing to be in such an atmospheric and historic place alone.



This area is very dry, and not very easy to reach. We drove quite a long way to find it, but it all looked incredible.


Beautiful! If you end up in the north east of Brazil, you must visit this site.




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  1. Erich von Däniken, a Swiss author of many books, would have had a hay day, had he known about this site. He would have said the mysterious figures are space people visiting planet earth thousands of years ago. Very interesting post!

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  2. Really interesting post, Gerson. You mentioning the carvings of the Milky Way and Orion peaked my interest. One of many ancient civilization that showed interest in the skies.

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  3. WOW, this is exactly the sort of place I love to experience! how fascinating to contemplate the possibility of a Phoenician connection in S. America, especially from 6,000 years ago! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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