Searching for Athena

I was in Athens recently and was thinking what I could do in a day there. I came up with a very good itinerary idea. I woke up early and had breakfast. At first, the forecast was for rain all day, but I don’t always believe in them and hoped for a sunny day.


I made a decision to go to the beach. It’s quite near the centre: you can catch the tram all the way there. I started my journey at Kassoumoly, but if you are near the centre, you can catch it from Syntagma Square. The tram line starts there – number five – and catch it in the direction of Voulas.

I got off at Kalamaki beach which is a very local beach, and very cheap, too. You could stay there all day, they even have free wifi! Another beach option would be Edem which is very nice too, but a lot more touristy.



It turned out to be a very nice day. It was a weekday and super quiet. I really enjoyed it. The last time I was here it was packed with people.



The water there is so crystal clear that I could see my feet. The sea is so quiet. I felt like I was in my own private pool there.



After spending some time at the beach, I decided to do something more cultural. I went to the Acropolis Museum, a very nice museum right in the centre of the city. The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis in Athens.



I think this museum is very interesting. I would recommend visiting it before going and exploring the Acropolis. You will have a better understanding of how it looked before. The entrance fee is only five euros.



In the area around the museum there are lots of things you can do. There is Plaka where they have the flea market. You could go up the hill and visit the Parthenon.



I had fun on my one day itinerary in Athens. I had a relaxing time at the beach, and learned about the culture at the museum; what a fantastic day.

I also posted a couple of blogs a while ago that you could also have a look at if you have time, one about Athens, and another about some of the Greek Islands I have visited.

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  1. A Grécia é um país que habita meu imaginário e minha vontade de conhecer desde sempre. Sua história está dentro de mim como se fosse minha terra. Post que alimenta está vontade. O meu abraço.

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  2. I enjoyed the read, thank you for taking of your time to let us others to get to see the beauty of which you speak. I am going to reblog this article for you. I wish you well in all of your travels, stay safe, God bless.

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