Amazing Amman!

Amman is the one of the most relaxed cities in the Middle east that I have visited. This time, I just wondered around the city centre and visited the places I enjoyed the most. Most people come here to visit other sites, such as Petra, the Dead Sea, and many other attractions. Amman, the... Continue Reading →


The Amphitheatre in Amman is a very interesting place to visit. It is a 6,000-seat, 2nd-century Roman theatre. I was there briefly when visiting the city. A famous landmark in the Jordanian capital, it dates back to the Roman period when the city was known as Philadelphia. On the top of the theatre you have a nice view of the... Continue Reading →

Dead Sea Extravaganza

The Dead Sea has a border with Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. It is a salt lake whose banks are more than 400m below sea level, the lowest point on dry land. I went to the Jordanian side, and it was quite impressive to be so low under sea level. Its famously hyper-saline water... Continue Reading →

Amman Citadel

This historic site is situated in the centre of Amman, Jordan. It is also known in Arabic as Jabal al-Qal'a, the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon. Occupied since the Bronze Age, it's surrounded by a 1700m-long wall, which was rebuilt many times during the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods.... Continue Reading →

View from the top!

When I'm lucky enough to sit by a window in an airplane, and the view is great, I have to snap the moment. When you see the view from the top, it makes you think about how the place would look when on the ground. I managed to take a photo of the sunset in... Continue Reading →

Jolly Japes in Jerash

The Ruins of Jerash are amazing and well preserved; they are also known as The Ruins of the Walled. They are  situated in Jordan, north of the capital Amman. They are a mix of Greco-Roman and the ancient Arab traditions. This place is full of history dating back to the pre-classical period of the 1st... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Persian Way

I had the opportunity to visit the interesting city of Tehran. I must confess that I wasn't quite sure which places to visit, but I went out and explored this marvelous city anyway. Tehran is the capital of Iran. It is the most liberal and secular city in Iran. The traffic is crazy, and it's... Continue Reading →

Time Out in Tel Aviv

If you are looking for a summer holiday in the Middle East, now you have found it. Tel Aviv has a beautiful coast line. For your sand-filled pleasure, spend the day like a local sweating through an intense matkot session, play some volleyball on the Gordon Beach strip, or just lay down and soak up the... Continue Reading →

On the Road to Damascus

A long time ago, before all the trouble in Syria started, we did a road trip to Damascus from Lebanon. Nowadays that is not possible as the borders are closed due to conflicts in Syria. I do hope that all the problems are resolved soon. It is a beautiful country with a lot of great... Continue Reading →

Paris of the Middle East

Beirut is often referred to as the Paris of the Middle East, and for me it is. The capital of Lebanon, it's a great city for shopping socialising, and sightseeing. Despite being through a civil war and unrest, the city has been rebuilt several times, with modern architecture sharing space with Ottoman and colonial French... Continue Reading →

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