Time Out in Tel Aviv

If you are looking for a summer holiday in the Middle East, now you have found it. Tel Aviv has a beautiful coast line. For your sand-filled pleasure, spend the day like a local sweating through an intense matkot session, play some volleyball on the Gordon Beach strip, or just lay down and soak up the sun.


The coast line is beautiful. You can go for long walks and enjoy the sea breeze. There are lots of different sections of the beach that you can enjoy.

The Hilton beach is popular with both locals – lots of celebs (!), and with tourists from the nearby hotels.  It’s a great beach for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. The Hilton beach is subdivided into 3 completely different sections which attract totally different crowds:

Hilton Beach, North – the Dogs beach (Hof Haklavim in Hebrew)
Hilton Beach, Middle – the Gay beach
Hilton Beach, South – Surfer’s Beach



I spent a lovely day by the beach, and enjoyed a long walk alongside ending up in Jaffa.

Jaffa or Yafo, is the southern and oldest part of Tel Aviv-Yafo, an ancient port city in Israel. Jaffa is famous for its association with the biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon and Saint Peter.


I am glad I walked all the way there, and enjoyed beautiful views of the city.


Jaffa town center. Here you can eat one of the best typical foods of Tel Aviv.



There is a nice park around Jaffa where you have lots of interesting things to see, and nice views of the city.


Magnificent view of Tel Aviv from Jaffa.


I was luck to be there when the sun was going day. What a gorgeous day!


Tel Aviv is great place to visit. It’s  city with a bronzed coast line, where residents speak every language under the sun, and where life is lived outdoors and to the fullest.

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  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog! I’ve been to Israel a long time ago and I hope I can go back again. Tel Aviv surprised me. I was expecting high rises and concrete jungle. I didn’t expect it would be surrounded by an ocean

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  2. I never knew Tel Aviv to be so beautiful. I watch too many spy movies and Tel Aviv conjured up a city with plots and twists like a James Bond or NCIS series. Ha ha! Thanks for correcting my image of it😊

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