Konnichiwa Kyoto!


Kyoto is a beautiful city in Japan. While the rest of Japan has adopted modernity, the old ways are hanging on in Kyoto. There are said to be over 1000 Buddhist temples here. You will find masterpieces of religious architecture. I first thought that Kyoto was a tiny village where I would be able to walk everywhere, but I was quite wrong. It’s a very big city, and all the sites are very spread out. Good planning is needed to be able to visit such beautiful sites.


I took the bullet train to Kyoto from Tokyo. It took about two and half hours to get there. On the way I was looking forward to take pictures on mount Fuji, but the weather was so overcast, that I didn’t get a chance, unfortunately.



Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is situated at western part of Kyoto. It’s a very magical place. The visual effect of the infinite stalks of bamboo is quite different from any forest I have ever encountered.


When I was there I could feel this kind of presence, as if I was about to meet a dragon, or a tiger. It was a feeling I could not capture in the pictures.

Next to the end of the Bamboo Grove, I ended up in this beautiful garden. Which looked very pretty and peaceful. I was lucky that I had really nice weather here, following all the rain in Tokyo.



Kinkaku-ji  is an eye catching place to visit. It’s very popular place. It’s situated in the north west of Kyoto. It looks like the main temple rises above its reflection pond like an apparition. You almost need sunglasses to like at it. The gold around the temple is very impressive, and reflects it magnificence really well.



Ginkaku-ji is everything a Buddhist temple is meant to be. It looks over a tranquil pond, and the gardens are sublime. The sand mounds form a Zen sand garden. It is unquestionably one of the most luxurious gardens in the city.




Nanzen-ji temple is one of most important Zen temples of Japan. Its spacious grounds are located at the base of Kyoto’s forested Higashiyama Mountains. You first came across the  Nanzen-ji massive Sanmon entrance gate. You also will come across a large brick aqueduct that passes through the temple grounds. It’s a very impressive place to visit.





Fushimi Inari-Taisha is one of the most spectacular shrines in Japan. It is also one of the most visited shrines. As you visit the site you come across hundreds of stone foxes. The Japanese traditionally see the fox as sacred, somewhat mysterious, capable of possessing humans by the favoured point of entry – under the fingernails.






My trip to Japan was amazing! I learned a lot about the cultural differences, and that Japanese people are very kind and polite. I loved it all the way.

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  1. Ahhh I can’t believe I somehow haven’t been to Japan yet as much as I am in love with their culture, had a Japanese gf for a year, and speak pretty decent Japanese lol! Feel like once I go I will never leave, so am taking my time. 2019 perhaps 😉 Awesome post and thanks for sharing bro! Hope you enjoy the rest of your Japan travels!!!

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      1. Yeah, I will. I think I’m going to travel around south east Asia next year, and try to get there in 2019 before the olympics. When I go there it will probably be to teach long-terms so taking my time still haha.

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      1. Eu também gosto de viajar. Não escrevo muito sobre isso, mas visitei muitos países também. Adoro visitar o país da minha própria mente. Tem uma pegada de carbono muito menor. 😀

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  2. Kyoto really is a beautiful city – I’m glad you got a chance to visit it while you were there. And it’s too bad about Mt. Fuji. It’s a beautiful mountain; I was able to see it from the balcony of my apartment, and I never got tired of looking at it.


  3. I’ve never been to Japan but I’ve heard, as well, that Japanese are really polite and well cultured. Beautiful place!! The bamboo forest is one of my dream destinations in Japan, too 🙂

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  4. I love Buddhism. I am no traveler, but I admire those who are. Thank you for following my blog. I live in a big country. Europeans are surprised at how big it is. Ha-ha. Musicians from Europe are used to being able to drive home after the show. They can’t do that in the United States. They have to stay in a motel. Take a gander at a map of the US. We are huge geographically. How did we do it? I don’t think it was honest. American Indians used to rule here. Now, they live on their reservations and collect benefits. We whites really screwed them over. Fuck Columbus and Cortes, those brutal Spaniards looking for the gold. History reeks of villains like them. To be honest, I think a gynarchy (a world ruled by women) would be worth it. Women are more just than men. My heroes have always been women. My former psychiatrist was a big man. He failed me big time. So that now, I have two wonderful females in his place. I think my world is looking up. Oh, Christy Green, who practices out of Wyoming, is gorgeous. I had a telemedicine appointment with her, and she had access to all of my information. A year ago, I was found with prolonged QT. It’s a kind of arrhythmia. Christy was concerned about that before getting me back on meds. Oh, Ultimate, I would love to take her in my arms. Just hold her for a while. Cheryl is pretty wonderful, too. Both of them are sympathetic. BTW, the French term for “nice” is _sympathique_. The French are amazing. They are way ahead of the US on social issues. I wanna go back there in the worst way. They’ve figured out liberty and justice like no other country. They are obsessed with freedom. Guess who gave my country the Statue of Liberty? I still stands. England was fighting a war on two fronts: one against the colonies, and the other against France. Eventually, they sort of let us go. France was our great friend. It wasn’t until WWII that FDR blew it. France needed our help, and we just blew it. We could’ve helped. As it was, France was occupied by the Nazis. Oh, god. WWII was a nightmare. I really believe it when people say Hitler was antichrist. Do you know that when his antisemitic atrocities were happening, he couldn’t bear the sight of them? He was a fucking coward. Hey, I have to go now. Ultimate, please keep in touch. If I were the traveling type, we would surely meet. My name is Robert, and I live in Eugene, Oregon, USA. It’s a nice city. Take care.


      1. I did! I took a couple classes before we went and then a few more over there. I was an English teacher. You just need a bachelor’s degree to do it. Hope you get to go again!

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  5. Amazing pictures and words:)
    You have a great website.
    I enjoyed reading.
    Keep it up and more power!
    I hope to go to Kyoto before I leave Japan.

    Did you tried to wear Japanese clothes?

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