When Buda Meets Pest


Budapest is a beautiful city situated by the Danube. If you love architecture, bridges and beautiful views this is a place that you must visit. It is a paradise for travellers. Everywhere you turn is a beautiful view.

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Just by walking by the River Danube you will see beautiful architecture. The bridge you can see here is called the Chain Bridge, which is a 19th century suspension bridge spanning the River Danube, connecting the Pest and Buda sides of the city.


2013-09-05 15.19.07 2

The Chain Bridge is only the second permanent crossing on the whole length of the River Danube in Budapest.

2013-09-05 15.18.57 2

The Chain Bridge is one of the best known landmarks of Budapest. The picturesque historic bridge straddles the Danube.

2013-09-05 15.21.47 2

2013-09-05 15.33.40

The bridge is stunning, a pleasure to walk on. After you have crossed the bridge you can go up the hill for more stunning views of the city.

2013-09-05 15.38.46

When you walk around, everywhere you turn is beautiful. Up here you have the most beautiful view of the city.

2013-09-05 15.37.442013-09-05 15.40.00

There are lots of affordable ways to enjoy this city, which in case you didn’t know, is divided in two by the Danube river — hilly, more-residential Buda on one side and Pest, where all the action is, on the other.

The picture below shows Buda Castle. It is  a historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. It was first completed in 1265, but the massive Baroque palace today occupying most of the site was built between 1749 and 1769.

2013-09-05 15.42.112013-09-05 15.43.09

I just could not stop myself from taking pictures of the views.

2013-09-05 15.43.40

Buda Castle has  a Gothic architectural style, and some Renaissance revival touches.

2013-09-05 15.53.22

Stunning views in front of Buda Castle.

2013-09-05 15.45.06

Matthias Church  is Roman Catholic Church. It is a breathtaking place, specially when you look at the tile work . It has a kaleidoscopic mix of colours, sculptures, mosaics, floral motives, symbolic ornaments, angels and saints all waiting to be viewed.

2013-09-05 16.04.28

2013-09-05 16.58.32

2013-09-05 16.08.542013-09-05 16.08.082013-09-05 16.11.132013-09-05 16.05.15

Walking down from the church, you will find more stunning views of the city.

2013-09-05 16.13.002013-09-05 16.13.252013-09-05 16.19.06

Some ceramic pots a I saw alongside the road that I really liked.

2013-09-05 16.23.23

The Royal Opera house is a beautiful building located in the city centre. It has a magnificent renaissance  style structure.

2013-09-05 16.48.502013-09-05 16.57.01

Between all the Gothic, and Renaissance style buildings I found this art deco style building – what a contrast!

2014-06-20 17.33.132014-06-20 17.34.11

This city is très chic, even the Metro stations are amazingly  done. What a beauty! I really enjoyed my time there.

49 thoughts on “When Buda Meets Pest

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  1. Cracked up at your clever title.

    Pics are breathtaking. Wish I could see the Church. One of my favorite things is visiting Churches wherever I go.. no matter how large or small.

    I don’t suppose you have any pics of the inside??

    Thanks for “taking me with you” always in your trips!!


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  2. I didn’t know that the name is a combo of the two parts of the city. Cool. What a beautiful place with such history. You took wonderful pictures. There’s one of a boat on the Danube about to go under the Chain Bridge, I love that perspective on the sprawling city and it shows so well how big the river is. Lovely! I like the teapot too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is an amazing collection of photographs! The one with the glare in it looks so beautiful as well as the other bridges.
    I enjoyed the Opera House, the art deco building and the pretty pottery. Thanks for sharing Budapest with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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