Getting to Know Jan!

Today in Getting to Know You we are meeting Jan from Book Em Jan O blog. This blog is interesting, all about ghosts and the paranormal, with irreverent Haiku, and also fun. Jan is a writer and has written stories about ghosts and in the horror genre. She also teaches classes about the spirituality of ghost stories, and the paranormal and spirituality. I find her blog fascinating, and really enjoy reading about the spiritual world. Let’s give Jan our support and a follow.

Name/Blog name:

Jan Olandese of Janowrite at Book Em Jan O blog

Country currently living In:




What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Cherry Jerry Garcia or Mocha Chocolate Chunk – can’t decide!

What is your favourite method of travelling?

Car or sailing

What is the favourite place you’ve travelled to?

Hard to say!  Oxford UK, Kagoshima, Japan  The Algarve Portugal

What is the favourite blog post you’ve written? (please include link)

“Mob Haiku:  Break Fast at Tiffany’s”


This & That:

Which do you prefer the town or country?


What type of holiday do you prefer?

A quiet one!

Do you like travelling locally or worldwide?


What type of activities do you do when away on holiday?

Museums, old houses, old churches, towns, local stuff.

Do you plan ahead or just go with the flow?


Where have you travelled to?

Japan, Europe, England, all over the US


Deeper Connection:

When did you start blogging?

June 2017

Why did you start blogging?

I published books and thought it would be a great way to connect with people with those interests – I’ve found it to be fun, educational, and I’ve really enjoyed connecting with so many great bloggers from all over!  I still can’t get over that people read my blog from all over the world!

What are your hobbies?


What have you learned about yourself from blogging?

Uh.  Erm.  “Next question.”

What is your favourite quote?

“A modest man, who has much to be modest about.”  — Winston Churchill on Clement Atlee

Do have any advice for new bloggers?
Keep at it – you’ll reap rewards!  It’s really fun! And the other bloggers you meet and read are the best of the best!


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