Getting to Know Benjamin!


Today in Getting to Know You I have the pleasure to introduce you to Benjamin from BossDad who has been blogging since October 2017. He is a father of two children, a businessman, a boss dad, and he shares his adventures. His blog is very good, and I personally like the quote he chose: “Don’t demand things that are unreasonable, but demand of yourself improvement.” –  Russell M. Nelson.  Let’s give Benjamin our support and a follow.


What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Rocky Road, but only the kind with actual marshmallows. The fake marshmallow swirl doesn’t cut it

What is your favourite method of travelling?

I’m honestly a bit of a recluse, so I prefer to be in control of my trip and seek destinations that I know won’t be overpopulated or too crowded

What is the favourite place you’ve travelled to?

Other than some favorite remote spots near my home-town; I have some very fond memories of a trip we went on as a family to Hawaii. I LOVED the freshly caught and cooked shrimp from the shrimp trucks. I also spent quite a bit of time in England before I was married and I’d really like to take my wife there.  But to my wife’s dismay, I am quite content to spend my time in the outdoors. While her idea of a vacation is traveling to exotic locations; my idea of a dream vacation is spending a week on a nearby mountain fishing and exploring with the gravy on top being not seeing another person the entire time

is the favourite blog post you’ve written? (please include link)

I’m brand new to this, so I don’t have too many to choose from.  I guess I’d have to say my first, which was my introductory post.< em>< strong>This & That:<<<<
h do you prefer the town or country?

Country for sure!<<<<
type of holiday do you prefer?

Quiet and not rushed<<<<
u like travelling locally or worldwide?

I like to see new things, but feel much more comfortable locally.  However, Australia is on my bucket list.<<<<
type of activities do you do when away on holiday?

Eat! I enjoy trying new things.   I enjoy fishing, snorkeling, hiking, and just sight-seeing in general.   I also enjoy a good drive. Not the city, or motorway style.  But a good, secluded road with some great or interesting scenery and I’m content all day long.<<<<
u plan ahead or just go with the flow?

I’d honestly say a good mixture of both.  I like to do my research about where I’m going.  But I get enough rush-rush in my daily life.   So a vacation/holiday is a chance for me to slow down and enjoy. So do my research before hand, and go with the flow and enjoy it while I’m there being sure to hit some specifics I’ve planned for.<<<<
e have you travelled to?

Around the states, Hawaii, England< strong>Deeper Connection:<<<<
did you start blogging?

About two weeks ago<<<<
id you start blogging?

I have wanted to write for some time now. I have started writing a couple of books, but there were so many thoughts, ideas, topics, and experiences I wanted to share that I just hard a hard time staying focused and on track.  I finally decided, with the prodding of my wife after writing a newspaper article, to start a blog.  It was a chance to share all of these things, including photographs and videos, and not have to worry about being focused on a single subject or topic.  I also have a hope that with my diverse background that I may somehow be able to share something openly to the world that may somehow help someone out there.<<<<
are your hobbies?

My father was a professional photographer and moved to this area in order to feed that passion because of the amazing scenery that surrounds this area.  This translated to family trips at least every weekend into the outdoors, and several more camping trips and excursions as family and work life allowed.  While I am not a photographer (I have the interest, just not the talent yet) those outings with my dad developed a love for the outdoors and an interest in exploring and experience all they have to offer.   I enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, off-roading, photography, camping, and just general being out in the hills.  I also enjoy working on project vehicles as time and budget permit.<<<<
have you learned about yourself from blogging?

My life isn’t as interesting as I thought it was.  Lol! Ok, but when compared to other blogs and posts it feels like it is true.  I know I am new and more content will help, but it all feels a bit overwhelming.   On the flip side, it has helped me in a therapeutic way.  I was honestly getting a bit down on life, and feeling some hints of depression.  Taking the time to create this blog has brought a new sense of purpose and excitement to my everyday life and I can feel the effects of it in a positive way.<<<<
is your favourite quote?

“Don’t demand things that are unreasonable, but demand of yourself improvement.” –  Russell M. Nelson<<<<
ve any advice for new bloggers?

Baby steps.  That’s the only way I’ve been able to make it work without being overwhelmed.  I have tried to dedicate just a little bit of time each day to focus on it and tried hard to be okay with not getting everything done in one shot.  I don’t have deadlines to meet or clients hounding me for the completion of a product.  So it’s okay if things need to wait until another day.  Take your time and do it for you, first, and for the reader, second./div>

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