Minuit à Paris!

Which city is the best one to spend your evening wondering around? The City of Lights, Paris, of course. I have been to this city on numerous occasions, at different times of the day but the night time is the most striking for me. I find that when you don't have the pressure to visit... Continue Reading →

Côte d’Azur

The beautiful city of Nice is on the French Riviera. It has an incredible sea front, and is very glamourous. It is an all year round destination. In winter, the light will be limpid, and the weather maybe warm enough to eat lunch outdoors.   The Promenade des Anglais is adorable, you could spend an entire... Continue Reading →

Ooh La La Lyon!

Lyon is a very relaxed but also magnificent French city. It is famous for its art and gastronomy. The architecture is diverse and charming, and, if you are interested in this,  you won't be disappointed by your visit. What struck me was the fact that I could walk around the old city very easily.  ... Continue Reading →

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