Bravo Brașov!

On my intensive one day trip to Transylvania, I visited beautiful castles, such as Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress, but one place that I wished I had more time to explore was Brașov. This city is amazing, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains. This amazing city its known for its medieval Saxon walls and bastions, the towering Gothic-style Black... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Mariana!

Today in Getting to Know You we're having the pleasure of meeting Mariana from Ludoevico. She loves writing about the experiences she had when she was a child and teenager, and also all her good memories. She is a teacher and loves writing, researching, and sharing her ideas, and also sharing her experiences with children. I really enjoy reading... Continue Reading →

Minuit à Paris!

Which city is the best one to spend your evening wondering around? The City of Lights, Paris, of course. I have been to this city on numerous occasions, at different times of the day but the night time is the most striking for me. I find that when you don't have the pressure to visit... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Benjamin!

Today in Getting to Know You I have the pleasure to introduce you to Benjamin from BossDad who has been blogging since October 2017. He is a father of two children, a businessman, a boss dad, and he shares his adventures. His blog is very good, and I personally like the quote he chose: “Don’t demand things... Continue Reading →

Storming the Râșnov Fortress!

The ancient site of the Fortress of Râșnov is situated in Brașov county, Râșnov area in Romania. The site is very interesting, mainly because of its position on the top of a hill. From this vantage point, you have the nicest views of the mountains that surround it. This place was built with the intention of... Continue Reading →

One Thousand Thank Yous!

  I am very happy, and surprised to have reached a thousand followers. I did not realise how many people out there would be interested in my blog! Congratulations on getting 1,000 total follows on Ultimatetravel! Your current tally is 1,002. A big thank you to everybody who liked my posts, and made such encouraging comments!... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Tinderela!

  Today in Getting to Know You we're meeting  Anna from Anna is an amazing writer from Finland. Her book is half fictional, and half based on true events. She's a strong woman, happy and Joyful. I like her blog very much. She has been blogging since september 2017. Let's give Anna our support, and a... Continue Reading →

Getting to know Rob!

Today in my series Getting to Know You Better, I have the pleasure to introduce Rob from  This is a great blog where Rob writes about his own experiences, mental health and challenges in his day to day life. He is a very clever man, and I love reading his blog posts. Let's give him our support,... Continue Reading →

Count Vlad Dracul, a.k.a. Dracula!

The Bran Castle is situated in the vicinity of Brasov. It is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Commonly known as "Dracula's Castle"   Dracula (literally meaning 'little dragon') is a fictitious character whose name derives from the appellation given to Vlad Tepes, the... Continue Reading →

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