Royal Academy of Art

The Royal Academy of Art (RA) is situated right in the heart of London. It’s a pristine location, between Piccadilly Circus and Green Park. You can visit the sites of Central London as well as take advantage of being close to the RA and see some amazing exhibitions.

Piccadilly Circus

Now that art galleries have reopened for visits in London, I managed to visit the RA. You have to book well in advance to see any exhibition due to Covid-19 restrictions. I felt privileged in a way to see an exhibition of work by Leon Spilliaert.

Spilliaert is a Belgian painter born in Ostend town. The beach town is a tourist attraction, lively in the summer. what made Spilliaert’s work amazing was that he would walk around at night when the city was quiet, contemplating the cold North Sea stretching out the to the horizon and translated it into drawing; his work often takes on looming, disquieting perspectives.

Me as a ghost in the picture!

I found his work very melancholic, and dark. It reflects well the mood of a quiet town in winter, after the holiday season has long packe up and gone away. It is a very interesting exhibition of his work at the RA, of an artist that is not often shown to such an extent in London.

When in London, please pay a visit to the RA and appreciate this wonderful gallery which also has amazing architecture. Everything is very easily reached by foot.

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  1. The Royal Academy of Art has an impressive array of fine paintings that are indeed worth a visit. I am glad to see you wearing a mask. It is sad that so many people are ignoring the advice to be vigilant in these difficult times of COVID-19.

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