Athens Deja Vu!

This is a city of which I never tire. Once again, I had the opportunity to go back to Athens, and I visited some of my favorites sites.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is also known as the Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus. It was built around 470 bc, the time the ancient Olympic Games were at their peak. Zeus was the king of the Greek gods who lived on Mount Olympus. He was the god of the sky and thunder. His symbols include the lightning bolt, the eagle, the bull, and the oak tree. He was married to the goddess Hera.

The other site that nobody can miss in Athens is the Acropolis. You can see it from the centre of the city, and also directly from the Temple of Zeus. It was a citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens.

It is over 2,460 years old! The Acropolis was many things: a home to kings, a citadel, a mythical home of the gods, a religious centre and, now, a tourist attraction.

Another site I really enjoy visiting nearly every time I go to Athens is Mount Lycabettus it is located on a hill, about 300 meters above sea level.  Pine trees cover its base, and at its two peaks are the 19th century Chapel of St. George, a theatre, and a restaurant. You have a great view from there, and the Acropolis is right on the other side.

Most of the sites are in walking distance to each other. Due to the coronavirus crisis, most sites were closed, and restricted. I was happy I could go back into those places. I have written some previous posts with more details of each site.

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  2. Wow. My favorite book series is Percy Jackson and ever since I started reading it, I fell in love with Greek Mythology and has become so intrigued by it. I wish I can visit this place someday, too!! So lovely.

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