The Cathedral, Shopping and Fashion in Bella Milano!

I have visited Milan many times, but never had the opportunity to visit the famous Cathedral, the Duomo. This enormous construction took nearly six centuries to complete. I think it’s the biggest church in Italy.

Just before I visited the cathedral, I walked through the very famous Piazza del Duomo. The famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade is really impressive and grand. It has some of the most famous Italian designer shops.

Versace is one of my favourite designers so far, I was happy to take a selfie in front of the famous shop in the fashionable city of Milan.

The cathedral is very expensive to get in, especially if you get one the fast-track tickets. These entitle you to jump the queue which are miles long!

The roof is open to tourists (for a fee), which allows many a close-up view of some spectacular sculpture that would otherwise be unappreciated. The roof of the cathedral is renowned for its forest of openwork pinnacles and spires. Also, from the roof you have a beautiful view of a different side of the city.

When I walked around the roof it was quite fascinating to see all the detailed pillars, and how much effort and time was taken to build all this intriguing architecture.

The cathedral is very extravagant in its design. It is the Gothic Revival brought in a purer taste. What a wonder it is: so grand, so solemn, and so vast, and yet so delicate, so airy, and so graceful! I was happy to have had the opportunity to visit this cathedral. It is highly recommend that you visit, if you ever come to Milan.

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  1. Actually grown up in Milan..and I really missed its fashionable style and many differences in everything. I remembered the days I walked around the rooftop and I’m glad you did too!

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