Back in Ancient time!

Here I am again, back in the great city of Athens. This city is so magical, and every time I come back here it feels different from before. An interesting fact is that even if you take pictures of the same site, it nevers looks the same.



This city is famous for its history and culture from thousands of years BC. When you walk around the city you can feel how it could have been all those centuries ago.

The ruins are amazing and spectacular on the eye. It is definitely a place to visit for a few days, and then go to some of the beautiful and famous Greek Islands. Mount Lycabettus, also known as Lycabettus, Lykabettos or Lykavittos, is a Cretaceous limestone hill in Athens, Greece at 300 meters above sea level. Pine trees cover its base, and at its two peaks are the 19th century Chapel of St. George, a theatre, and a restaurant.



There is plenty to see here, from rooftop bars to amazing archaeological museums, and the lovely Cycladic Museum. It has something for all tastes, families and children, and the best of all it is all found within quite a compact city.


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