Dorothea Tanning

This exhibition is all about the seventy year career of Dorothea Tanning. In her artistic world, she always ask us to look beyond the obvious. She  worked in the United States and France, and took her ideas  and imagery in new and distinctive directions. The exhibition focuses on key themes and developments of her work in her extraordinary career.




In the forties during the Second World War she was forced to go back to New York, where she worked as a freelance commercial artist.  The war brought many European surrealist artists, and writers to the city.

Works from across Tanning’s career show doors left ajar or leading to other doors. The doors becomes a surrealist symbol, a  portal to the unconscious.


She also made soft sculptures  in the mid 1960s. She described them as ‘living materials becoming living sculptures, their life span something like ours’.


It was a really interesting exhibition at Tate Modern in London, UK. The exhibition showed numerous art works of this amazing woman from her seventy-year career. It made us think and see beyond the obvious…



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