Urban Art in Bogotà

Bogotà is a city of many secrets and surprises. The graffiti tour is no secret, however. Normally the tour starts at the Park of the Periodistas, it lasts for about two and half hours, and it runs twice a day beginning at 10am and 2pm. It is a free tour but it is recommended that you give a donation to the guide.


I was never really interested in graffiti until I did this tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. The tour gives you some information not only about Bogotà’s vibrant street-art scene, and graffiti in general, but also the history, politics and culture of Colombia.



You can experience the  freedom that this city gave to the artists to express their talent,  and to create vast murals, which offer social commentary as well as artistic expression.



I learned about all the different types of graffiti . The main difference between graffiti writing and street art is intention. Graffiti writers are not interested in the general public understanding their artwork. They are primarily concerned with other graffiti writers who can decipher the coded tags and appreciate the style of the writing.


Rodez’s murals are unmissable due to his trademark style of depicting multiple eyes within his paintings. He is a visual and contemporary artist who also paints with his children. Stinkfish was born in Bogotà and is now recognised as one of the best street artists in the world, and there are many more artists to see around the city.





If you ever visit Bogotà, and have a spare morning or afternoon, don’t look any further!


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      1. That’s true. The Panama Canal Cruise was nice – two weeks and we were at sea about 1/2 the time, in ports the other half. It was very hot the day we went to Bogota and one of the passengers on the ship, an elderly man, had a 35mm camera on a strap around his neck – we were advised not to carry anything of value that could be swiped. Someone came along and cut the strap of the camera and took it and knocked him down in the process. He was injured and had to be flown to a hospital and missed the rest of the trip. My favorite port of call was the San Blas Islands.

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      2. They told us not to wear any gold jewelry and to hang onto our handbags and/or cameras that were on a strap. But we had friends of the family and the woman was Spanish and I traveled with them to Spain and Puerto Rico which was wonderful since there was no language barrier. Anyway, they visited South America and the woman had rheumatoid arthritis. She was holding onto her handbag, but not clutching it as her hands were very arthritic and her fingers were kind of curled up … a guy and woman came by on a motorbike and when they were crossing the street, he snatched her purse. You enjoy your week as well.

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