Heavenly Hever: A Kent Castle

The incredible Hever Castle is located in the village of Hever, near Edenbridge, Kent – only 30 miles south-east of London, England. It is unbelievable how this stunning castle is so close to London. It began as a country house, built in the 13th century.

The property subsequently passed through various owners. It came into the possession of Henry VIII.  Hever Castle still has one of Henry VIII’s private locks, taken with him on his various visits to noblemen’s houses and fitted to every door for his security.


Hever Castle is now a tourist attraction, drawing on its links to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, with its mazes, gardens and lake. There is an annual events programme, including jousting tournaments and archery displays in the summer months and an annual patchwork and quilting exhibition in September. The castle offers three floors containing antique furniture, Anne Boleyn’s prayer books, instruments of torture, and a large collection of Tudor paintings.

One of the main attractions for me when visiting the castle was the garden. It is very well kept with great care; everything is very well thought-through, all the planting and flowers – all the differents colours are breathtaking.


The castle gardens contain a wide range of features, including an Italianate garden (including Fernery), rose gardens, herb garden, and topiary.

This Castle is definitely worth a visit, and it is only minutes away from London! If you want to get away from the busy city, don’t look any further than Hever: it is the place to be!

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  1. Very nice photos and narrative! I, too, visited this venue, and Kent Castle, when I visited London and stayed there with my parents. We took two days trips, one to Dover and one here. Such nice history here … they just mentioned Ann Boleyn this morning on the news that gives “on this date in history” … her four lovers were executed today and two days later she died by guillotine, supposedly for not producing a male heir … all this happened in 1536.

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