West Germany Beauty!

Wiesbaden is a beautiful town in Western Germany, on the right (east) bank of the River Rhine at the southern foot of the Taunus Mountains, west of Frankfurt am Main and north of Mainz.



As I was strolling through the city, I immediately  noticed why Wiesbaden is sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of Historicism”. In many locations, the city has been able to preserve its charm as a 19th century spa town. The Kurhaus Wiesbaden, for example, combines various kinds of architecture – from neoclassical to Art Nouveau.



Marktkirche is the main Protestant church in Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse, Germany. The neo-gothic church on the central Schlossplatz was designed by Carl Boos and built between 1853 and 1862.



This church is one of the main attractions here. Everywhere I walked, I could see it. It is very impressive architecture.



The church is the tallest building in the city.  The interior has a length of 50 m, a width of 20 m and a height of 28 m and is encircled by galleries. The vaulted ceiling is painted as a starry sky. This city is definitely a good place for a day out in Germany .


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  1. As an immigrant from Germany I always delight in posts that present some new aspects of my former home country. Thanks for the fantastic photos of Wiesbaden, which I have never visited!

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  2. Wonderful photos of a city rich in beautiful architecture and one I would love to visit – I’ve been to many other German towns but never made it here! Thank you for sharing and this pictorial introduction.

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  3. Wiesbaden is a wonderful city. I lived there as an au pair back in 1989/90. Maybe I’ll take my family there one day and show them around.

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  4. Wow! I really envy you for continuously writing on your blog site:)
    You went to different countries and still keep going…
    Stay healthy and safe always:)
    I hope to see flower gardens on your next posts…

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      1. Hello Ultimatetravel8,
        Happy New Year both in Solar and Lunar Calendars:)
        I really enjoy your travel blogs.
        Stay healthy and happy:)))


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