The Ancient Roman Remains!

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is an important Italian archaeological museum, particularly for ancient Roman remains.




The museum has one of the world’s best collections of Greek and Roman antiquities, including mosaics, sculptures, gems, glass and silver, and a collection of Roman erotica from Pompeii.




The exquisite collection of mosaics, are mostly from Pompeii. Of the series taken from the Casa del Fauno, particularly striking is La battaglia di Alessandro contro Dario. If you come to visit the museum, you should come and see this part, at least.





The museum  has fascinating discoveries from Pompeii, Herculaneum, Boscoreale, Stabiae and Cuma. Among them are whimsical wall frescoes from the Villa di Agrippa Postumus and the Casa di Meleagro, extraordinary bronzes from the Villa dei Papiri, as well as ceramics, glassware, engraved coppers and Greek funerary vases.



I was impressed by the museum. It had so much to offer, with incredible pieces of art. It was a very cold, rainy day when I visited the museum.  I spent a few hours there, but you could spend all day, and still not see everything! It was definitely worth a visit!

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  1. Fantastic! Thank you!!!
    But you know: The ancient Romans had most things “stolen” from the Greeks. They adapted their law, their gods, and – could we say so “their culture”. LOL
    Have a good weekend ahead. Michael

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  2. We went to Herculaneum, which was not as fully intact as articles I had read prior to our visit would lead people to believe. The buildings are there, but definitely ruins. Articles also said contents of the buildings were found intact so it was a bit disappointing that all the furnishings and textiles were gone as well as any artwork not actually part of a building – off to that museum in Naples where you saw them. All empty buildings in Herculaneum. Not even one room left as they found it. It’s still an interesting place worth seeing, but having some of the things there instead of sending all of it to the museum would have been so much better. At least for visitors to Herculaneum. Not so much for museum visitors I suppose, but then again from what you said it sounds like the museum has more than enough exhibits and could easily have spared enough to have a room or two left at Herculaneum with the original contents.


    1. That’s true. The museum is massive, you could easily spend a day there. I didn’t have time to go to Herculaneum. They did have an exhibition about it in Pompeii. Thanks for stopping by!


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