Rocking the Rocky Mountains!

My driving tour from Vancouver to the Rocky Mountains was really amazing. I had the opportunity to visit different places, and one of the towns that I stopped by was called Banff. This place is so beautiful, surrounded by beautiful mountains.


This town offers endless things to do, alive with adventure, and wonderful vistas in every direction. I decided to go cycling and enjoy the stunning views.

The town of Banff is located within the Banff National Park. Once “Siding 29” on the Canadian Pacific Railway, the town of Banff was intended to be a tourist town from its very inception.



I was cycling by the Vermilion Lakes, a stunning place to go and visit. Northwest of the town, this trio of tranquil lakes is a great place for wildlife-spotting: elk, beavers, bald eagles and ospreys can often be seen around the lakeshore, especially at dawn and dusk. A paved driveway – part of the Legacy Bike Trail – runs along the lake’s southern side for 4.5km, but the proximity of the Trans-Canada Highway means that it’s not as peaceful as it could be.



I had a super time in Banff. I highly recommend it as a place to visit. I’ve been to many places, but the Rocky Mountains really rock to me!

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  1. How beautiful and picturesque – my homeland! The background scenes are just awesome, like a postcard. Did you wear your teeshirt with the maple leaf that I’ve commented on before? You’d have fit in perfectly in this lovely Canadian tourist spot.

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  2. That looks amazing! I’ve only ever been to Banff in the winter. There’s an amazing Cajun/Creole style restaurant called Tooloulou’s that we went back to several times. The food is amazing and they served wine in glass skull carafes!

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