Where Virgil Left his Egg!

This beautiful medieval castle is located in the Italian city of Naples. The Castel dell’Ovo is the oldest standing fortification in Naples. It is very easy to find alongside the coastal promenade. When I visited this castle, I felt as if I was in scene from the series Game of Thrones. It looked really impressive from every angle.



Walking down the sea front from Mergellina on the way to the castle, I could appreciate the beautiful views of the city of Naples.





The castle’s name Castel dell’Ovo ( Egg Castle) comes from a legend about the Roman poet Virgil, who had a reputation in the Middle Ages as a great sorcerer and predictor of the future. In the legend, Virgil put a magical egg into the foundations to support the fortifications. Had this egg been broken, the castle would have been destroyed and a series of disastrous events for Naples would have followed. The castle is located between the districts of San Ferdinando and Chiaia, facing Mergellina across the sea.




I was very impressed. I was hoping to find some dragons at rest, or to find Daenerys feeding them.


This Castle was the site to which the last western Roman emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was exiled in 476. Eugippius founded a monastery on the site after 492. There are really nice views when walking around the castle. I found it difficult to imagine how people built such amazing architecture so long ago.






From the castle, in the distance, you can see Mount Vesuvius, which is an active volcano in Naples.



Around the castle people fish, there are also lots of places to eat, restaurants, and bars. You can sit down and enjoy the beautiful view of the bay. If you ever visit Naples, you should come for a long walk around the bay. It is amazing.

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  1. Beautiful photos as usual … I like how the city looks, all those colorful building; they are very picturesqe. I’d like to take that long walk along the bay that you suggest. Good photo of you with Mt. Vesuvius in the background.

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