Getting to Know Malcolm!

Today in Getting to Know You, we are meeting Malcolm from malcolmmarshauthor.
Malcolm is a writer from Nottingham, England. He promotes his writing by blogging about his  delightful experiences over the years. He writes in a lot of different styles, and he is also a musician. A very clever man with lots  of different skills, I really enjoying reading his blog. I have visited the city of Nottingham before. Let’s give Malcolm our support and a follow.
Favourite Ice Cream:
Rum and Raisin
Favourite Method of travelling:
Whichever gets me to my destination the easiest
Favourite Place:
Favourite Blog:
Probably my tribute to Roy Orbison
Town or Country?
I’m a city boy but I like the country also
What type of activities do you like to do on holiday?
Sightseeing and relaxing
Relatively local, i’m feeling my age
Mixing with the locals, trying local food and drink
Do you plan ahead or just go with the flow?
I have to plan ahead due to work commitments
Where have you travelled to?
France, Germany, Corfu, Italy and Majorca
Deeper Connection:
When did you start blogging?
Approximately 3 months ago
Why did you start blogging?
To try and promote my writing by creating a market for kindle releases
What are your hobbies?
Writing obviously, making scale model aircraft, making and painting military figures
What have you learned about yourself from blogging?
Due to my age and life experience I can help younger bloggers achieve their full potential
What is your favourite quote?
If you have never made a mistake, you have never made anything!
Do have any advice for new bloggers?
Initially the odds seem insurmountable, just stick with it, be yourself and people will find you





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