Getting to Know Boots!

Today in Getting to Know You,I’m introducing you to Boots from In the Wrong Boots. She is a former flight attendant, and wannabe fashionista mom. She has lived in many exciting cities around the world such as Tokyo and New York. Now Boots spends her time being a mom. I love reading her blog, especially as we both like writing about travel.  Let’s give Boots our support, and follow her blog.
Getting-to-know-you questions:
Name/Blog name:
Boots/ In The Wrong Boots
Country currently living In:
What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
My favorite Filipino ice cream flavors are mango and Ube. Ube is a purple yam famous in the Philippines. In the U.S. I love Pralines and Cream.
What is your favourite method of travelling?
I love trains! 
What is the favourite place you’ve travelled to?
I don’t have a favorite place because I think I loved all the places I’ve travelled to. But I can keep going back to Paris and New York. 
What is the favourite blog post you’ve written? (please include link)
I really like this because I found a journal in 1997, twenty years later and saw what I did that year, comparing it to my present life:

This & That:

Which do you prefer the town or country?

If you meant city or country, I always prefer city because I like everything to be accessible or available to me. 
What type of holiday do you prefer?
I do like hiking holidays combined with a lot of eating 😉
Do you like travelling locally or worldwide?

Worldwide…because there’s so much to see outside in this world. 

What type of activities do you like to do on holiday?

I love to explore new cuisines and find charming restaurants. I also like to do hiking in those countries if I can. But almost every time, I include shopping— not just clothing but something unique in the regions I visit. 

Do you plan ahead or just go with the flow?

Definitely plan ahead but I also like to include free days such as wandering in that place and getting lost

Where have you travelled to?

I’ve so far travelled to over 25 countries. I can’t remember exactly. I’ve been to many countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. I will be going to South America soon. The closest to (North) Africa I got to was Israel. And no plans to go to Antarctica or Australia anytime soon.

Deeper Connection:

When did you start blogging?

I started my blog maybe 6 years ago but it wasn’t serious. I only wanted to hone my writing. Then I stopped for several years. I didn’t know what my blog was all about, then I decided it was going to be mostly on my travels and I only became interested when a few bloggers were visiting and commenting on my posts. 

Why did you start blogging?

My son at a young age started blogging then he told me I should too. But my blog is almost a secret from everyone I know. I don’t plug it. I don’t like my friends, acquaintances, or family to know I blog. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’m shy and don’t want them to know what I’m doing or thinking.

What are your hobbies?

I like to eat, shop, read, write, hike, and of course if I can possibly do it all the time, travel. 

What have you learned about yourself from blogging?

That I can’t write as good as others. And that it takes me a long time to formulate my thoughts. That I can  become good friends with others through their blogs in spite of having not met them personally. 

What is your favourite quote?

Be fearless in your pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

I don’t know who said that originally but I saw it on a wall in a shop in New York and since then it has become my favorite quote.

Do have any advice for new bloggers?

A long time ago, I had a little “argument” with another blogger about not wanting to participate in the blogging world. I told her I’d rather just write for me and not for other people. I’m content with no one reading my blog. She said, “then why don’t you buy a journal and write a diary.” I thought  about it and felt silly. Yeah Why am I even blogging? What’s the point?

Now,  I have a handful of bloggers who follow me and genuinely read what I write. And that’s enough for me. I’m happy when they write comments. So, the point is I’m not really the best blogger who can advise other bloggers if what they seek is a lot of traffic. But just know what you’re writing for and if you want people to follow you, to make sure you get to know those people too through their blogs. A few handful of readers is better than having hundreds who only like your post but are not really engaged with you “personally.”

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  1. nice to get to know more about “boots” – and lover the blog name and handle.
    also – wonder if she loves trains because she was a former flight attendant.
    anyhow, going to check out her favorite post and enjoyed the q/a here

    Liked by 1 person

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