Getting to Know Beckie!

Doe at sunrise - Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana | Photo by Kevin Lefevre

Today on Getting to Know You Better I am introducing Beckie, from Beckie Cutler.

Her blog is about her life experiences, anxiety, and depression. Becks shares her experiences and what she has learned from them. She is helping others facing similar challenges in her blog, by sharing information and her life experiences. I really enjoy her blog, and love the quote she wrote in a response to one of my questions: ‘”Never Give & Never Give Up”, Never give up on hope’. Let’s give Beckie our support and follow her blog!

Name/Blog name: Beckie Cutler or

Country: United States

Favorite Ice Cream: Praline & Cream

Favorite method of travel: Driving

Favorite place I traveled to – Colorado, USA

Favorite blog I’ve ever written – (That is a trick question)  There are quite a few that I am very proud of.

Town or Country? Hands down, the country.

What type of holiday do I prefer –  Cozy, quiet ones

I have only traveled to Canada and throughout the United States

I have never gone away on holidays.  They use to always be at home.

I plan ahead.  However, spontaneity doesn’t hurt once in awhile.

The United States & Canada

I started blogging September 2016

I started my blog for personal reasons, mental health.  I was diagnosed with mental health disorders/illness soon after I had tried to commit suicide.  From that moment on, I wanted to prevent others from ever getting to that point.  My blog pertains to Mental Health Awareness and stopping the stigma that surrounds it.

Hobbies- Writing for the Mental Health Awareness, Poems, Short Stories and Prompts.  I also enjoy crocheting afghans, scarfs, and other make other crafts

What have learned about myself through blogging – I am very compassionate, understanding, and a loyal follower of my fellow bloggers.  Most importantly though, I would say…  Everything I share comes from my heart.  I have a voice, and what I have to say is validated because it’s my story, my truth, my whole self, poured into my words.

What is my favorite quote?  LOL!!!  I honestly don’t have a favorite.  I find something profound in each and every one of them that I have ever read.  I do, however, have my quote that I share with people that suffer from mental illness, and that is;  “Never Give & Never Give Up”, Never give up on hope.

Advice to new bloggers:  Be yourself, find your voice, feel the freedom of creativity, write for yourself until you find your flow come naturally.  Take advantage reading other bloggers, and reading about writing techniques that other bloggers share.  There are so many bloggers out there that are sharing suggestions to help you become the best at what you want to convey.

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