Getting to Know Cale!


Today in Getting to Know You, I would like to introduce Cale, from Diaries of a Scatterbrain.  He has been blogging since May 2016. He writes movie reviews, and about events that he finds interesting; he also documents the things he does. Cale likes sport and has played lots of different types when he was in high school. He is a very busy man, but still finds time to write his amazing blog. I really enjoy his blog. Let’s give Cale our support and follow his blog.

Name/Blog name:

Diaries of a Scatterbrain

Country currently living In:

United States of America


What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

I am a big fan of the traditional Vanilla, but you can bet I get a fancy DQ blizzard when I can!

What is your favourite method of travelling?

I have a fear of flying so my main/favorite method is driving. You also have a chance to take more time and see more sites.

What is the favourite place you’ve travelled to?

My wife and I took a cruise to the Bahamas. It was the first time either of us had been to a place that was so tropical.

What is the favourite blog post you’ve written? (please include link)

I’m not sure how well written it is, but I would have to say the post I pushed out from the hospital the day after my baby was born. It is mainly about my little brother’s bachelor party.

The experience of posting outside of work was fun! I’d also have to say the next post after that, when I introduced my baby boy to you all.

This & That:

Which do you prefer the town or country?

To live, country. To visit town/city for sure.

What type of holiday do you prefer?

I love any holiday that has me surrounded by my family or my wife’s family. If I had to choose a personal favorite I would say the 4th of July, celebrating our Independence Day. We have a large cookout at my parents’ house after watching a parade, followed by fireworks!

Do you like travelling locally or worldwide?

Again, since I have a fear of flying worldwide travel seems off the table, but I like that the most. I want to travel to other parts of the world sometime. In the meantime, there are plenty of places here in the states that can hold me over haha.

What type of activities do you do when away on holiday?

I like to relax, as well as fill my days with fun new and exciting things. It can be just sightseeing all the way to physical activities.

Do you plan ahead or just go with the flow?

Younger me would just go with the flow, but as I have gotten older I like to have at least the frame work planned.

Where have you travelled to?

Sadly, not as many places as I had hoped. I have been to the states of Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Ohio. I have also been to Niagara Falls Ontario in Canada a handful of times, as well as the Bahamas.

Deeper Connection:

When did you start blogging?

It was May of 2016

Why did you start blogging?

I had some extra time and thought it might be fun to start a blog just about my day and what goes on in it. I wasn’t going to sell anything or focus on any one topic. I always knew that there was a potential for economic growth once/if it took off as well. I honestly didn’t think I would still be blogging. It takes a ton of time, more than one would imagine, and I figured I would get too busy or too bored with the whole thing, but here I am!

What are your hobbies?

I am an avid sports fan, now that I don’t play sports anymore. I love working on cars and computers. I play PC video games, as well as go camping and hiking.

What have you learned about yourself from blogging?

I like to think I have learned to appreciate the little things. Since I focus my blog one day at a time, I really break down what happened each day and notice things I may otherwise have missed.

What is your favourite quote?

To be honest I don’t have one. I have never gotten big into reading and nothing has every stood the test of time with me. What may have sounded amazing and deep to me one day might fall flat with me the next. If any of that makes sense haha.

Do have any advice for new bloggers?

I would say the biggest thing is to write about what you love. It is way too easy to burn out and feel like each post is on a deadline or forced. If you want a successful blog you want to make sure your readers know you really care about what you write and believe it or not they can tell just by the way you write.




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