Visions of Aphrodite

If you are looking for ancient culture, diversity and wealth the Cyprus Museum is the place to visit.


The country of Cyprus is quite small, but it has cultural influences from the Aegean and Near East as well as Anatolia and Egypt and this is reflected in the museum’s collection.


Extensive excavations throughout the island have enriched the collections of the Cyprus Museum. The island was invaded by the Turkish who occupied the north of the island making it more challenging to recover the archaeological artifacts. However, they were soon recovered.


This museum is very interesting and all the pieces are well preserved. Most of the artifacts look intact. The Cypriot culture can be fully appreciated as healthy and robust.


The material cultural heritage of Cyprus can be appreciated by everyone in this museum:  pottery, jewelry, sculptures, coins, bronzes and more, covering all the periods of Cypriot culture.


This charming little museum is very pretty with lots of history. If you ever visit Cyprus don’t forget to pay a visit!

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