Out and about in London!

London is such an amazing place to be. I went to see an exhibition in the crypt of a church called St. Martin in the Field. It was a very interesting exhibition with work from Middle Eastern women artists.


The Church itself is a very interesting place to visit. It’s an English Anglican church situated on the northeast side of Trafalgar Square, probably the most famous square in London. This church has a gallery with has different exhibitions, and concerts.

The exhibition was called ‘I AM’.  Basically it celebrates the rich, diverse and crucial contributions that women from the Middle East make to the enduring global quest for harmony and peace. In this way, the exhibition aims to challenge existing stereotypes and misconceptions about Middle Eastern women by showing how they dynamically and very significantly contribute to the fabric of local and global culture.


I really like the pictures below. I think they demonstrate  the richness of line, colour, composition and creativity. It is very interesting.

There is a very nice Cafe in the Crypt of the church. You can go there for a coffee after seeing the exhibition.


My favorite picture in the exhibition

Just across the road from the church, you can find the National Portrait Gallery. I went there to see The Portrait Award, which is on every year.


From all the portraits that were there I thought that the two below were the most interesting. I liked the side-way, cut-off profile, because it was a very unusual portrait; I don’t know if I would recognise the sitter from this picture. The other portrait, with the woman holding a baby, was actually the winner of the award.

This National Portrait Gallery is very interesting and has free entry – only charging for special exhibitions. If you are around in London – this is a place to visit.

On the pictures bellow you can see Trafalgar Square and St. Martin in the Fields Church.

London is great city to visit, with lots of things going on. You never get bored of this city. Like some people say: if you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.

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  1. A visual feast and a superb report, which will help remove some of the persistent stereotypes about woman of the Middle East! I also like the portrait of the woman with the deep penetrating eyes. Thank you for a very informative post! I can see that you love London.

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  2. How cool to have such an art exhibit in a church. It looks like it would be a strong exhibition with great thought and emotion. That one painting is fascinating- a single woman standing alone over the aftermath of the last supper. Great post !

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