Mount Lycabettus: The Refuge of Wolves

Autumn in Athens is just like summer. I was just there in October, and was surprised how warm it was for the time of year, 27c. I guess winter is quite mild in Greece compared to northern Europe.


On this beautiful warm day I decided to visit a place I haven’t been to before. Mount Lycabettus, also known as Lycabettos, Lykabettos or Lykavittos, is a Cretaceous limestone hill in Athens, 300 meters above sea level.  Popular stories suggest it was once the refuge of wolves.


I started my journey at Syntagma Square, which is right at the centre of Athens. The mount is about a twenty minutes walk away I would say and is one of the best ways to spend a morning or late afternoon in Athens. You could walk all the way up, which I think is the best way, as you can enjoy a stunning view of the city, or catch the monorail train, which costs about 7.50 Euros.


The walk can be done very gracefully and slowly, so you can enjoy the most of the city view. The vegetation up on the hill is quite dry, it looks like when you’re on the Cyclades Islands.


At the very top of the hill you will find The Church of Agios Giorgos (Saint George). It is a beautiful orthodox church, very pretty and charming inside.


There is a restaurant with a panoramic view of the city. Not sure how the food is there, but I guess it can be quite expensive, but is worth it for the beautiful views.



On a clear day there you can see as far as the Acropolis. I only had my mobile phone with me, but if you try hard you can just about see the Acropolis far away.



I must say I really had fun of the top of this hill. It was so nice to have a warm sunny day in the middle of autumn – brilliant!

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  1. como sempre, felizmente, cultura, conhecimento, arte, interiorização, beleza, lazer, vida, e tudo o mais em cada viagem, em cada lugar a sua alma. (estou quase me candidatando a ser seu assessor de imprensa para viagens!) belo e rico post. meu abraço, e desculpe a brincadeira. abraços.

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  2. Yes, great to hear that you’ve been here…. I hope it was a good experience and you took back positive memories….
    Do search for Leh and Ladakh on Google… I am sure you would not be disappointed

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  3. Curious: why is it called Refuge of Wolves? Do they mean literal wolves, the wild and natural kind? If so, the place looks a lot different now, with all the development of skyscrapers and such. Seems a bit sad… Thanks for the like.

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