Going Coconuts!

Natal is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte in the northeast of Brazil. It’s known for its extensive coastal sand dunes. The beaches and dunes are beautiful, and the sky is very blue. The place where all the dunes are located is called Genipabu. Natal won’t appeal to you too much if you seek out museums and theatres but, if you enjoy wild open spaces, the mysterious luna landscapes of the dunes, blue seas and skies and refreshing coconut water, you’ll love it!

You can hire a beach buggy with a driver and do a tour around the beaches and dunes. There are lots of activities you can do on the tour. In the Park of Dunes I tried a rope slide, where you sit on a sling and slide at speed all the way into a lagoon. It is very awesome when you land dramatically in the freezing water.

Here’s a picture of me enjoying my giant coconut water – so delicious! I was also stroking “the dolphin”, can you see it?

I was really energised by the delicious water. It made me jump for joy – straight out of my coconut!


The state of Rio Grande do Norte is considered to be the sunshine state. It claims to have 350 days of sunshine per year. What else could you ask for? I also was amused by the Nana Banana Nightclub such an amazing place, starting with its name! I also enjoyed the Barramares Restaurant and its massive crab.

Part of the beach buggy tour is to cross a river on some exciting little jangadas (fishermen’s rafts).

The beach of Ponta Negra is also a very good place to stay, with a long, golden sandy stretch of beach.

This city is truly amazing with lots of fun things to do. At the end of the holiday I saw this glorious moonlight over the sea.


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  1. Hahaha, looks like there’s really a lot of different activities to try there, it looks like a place for a lot of fun in the sun, sand and sea..although I didn’t think that the water would be cold though!

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  2. Love your sense of humor with petting the sand dolphin. Lucky shot by the photographer! Seems like a wonderful place to visit. By the way, do you set up your camera on a tripod or do you have a companion take the shots with you in it? 🙂

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  3. That looks like a lot of spontaneous fun and joy. Good that you enjoy your life and travel the world in search of more and more life and learning. You are obviously very intelligent not to let anyone bring you down. I know far too many unhappy people who don’t give themselves the license to feel good. It is masochistic and absurd — and unnecessary… Thanks and keep up the travel and the photos. I’ll keep on following. Ciao!

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