Yerevan: Yes I Can!

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia situated between Europe and Asia. The city is fast becoming a major tourist destination thanks to its numerous landmarks, extensive nightlife, great museums and lovely parks.  The best way to immerse yourself in Armenian culture is to  do a walking tour. The city centre is, of course, the place to do this, as it is home to landmarks like the Grand Republic Square, the impressive opera house, the 18th century Blue Mosque and the famous Cascade Complex.

This giant staircase sits right in the city centre and is one of its key landmarks. It was built during the Soviet period in 1971 and was completely renovated in 2009. If you walk all the way to the top you will have a great view of the city. Around there you will find lots of interesting monuments.

The city is very pretty and has a European feeling, with lots of nice wine bars, cafes and restaurants which get really busy in the evening. Walking around is a wonderful experience, gazing at the ancient architecture and finding some hidden gems. Spend an afternoon getting lost along the winding streets and alleyways, as you never know what you may find here.

You can easily spend an entire day and evening in Republic Square, as it is home to numerous landmarks, like the History Museum, the National Gallery and the Government House, as well as the iconic Armenia Marriott Hotel. It is beautiful in the day and in the night when it is all lit up.

One of the best attractions of this square are the Singing Fountains.  From early spring until late autumn every evening there is a fantastic fountain and light show that is accompanied by some great music of various genres. I really had fun in this city.

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  1. Yes, these photos are vivid, esp the nighttime ones with the lights. Surreal and dreamy. Makes me think of a book cover I saw for _The Portable Arabian Nights_ decades ago… Thanks for picking my blog up again. Staying sober has involved some incoherence. I’m hoping that with time and therapy sessions, the road will grow smoother. Take care.

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