Saturday at the Saatchi

The Saatchi Gallery is a nice way to spend a Saturday out, enjoying beautiful modern art in central London. You can go there and enjoy the artwork absolutely for free.

There are various artist exhibiting at the gallery; the current exhibition is called “Iconoclasts”.  All of the artists are doing something different from the usual. Iconoclast holds both religious and progressive connotations. Nowadays artists are questioning the intrinsic nature of Iconoclasm itself by looking at what defines a work of art.

Makiku Kudo creates a kind of ghost world with her painting, sensing reality in her dreams, she shuffles different landscapes, creating stories that connect with emotion and imagination.

Josh Faught combine textiles, pop cultural detritus, and collects material to show the relationship  between language, community, and the construction of identity.

Danny Fox portrays realism, urban sleaze, colonialism in a naive manner. He relates his work to the tradition of history painting.

Maurizio Anzeri’s works consist of sewing into old, found photographs and in so doing  changing  the nature of the portrait.  He blurs the boundaries between abstraction and portraiture, photography and pictorialism. It is very interesting work here, one of my favourites.

Aaron Fowler has a highly personal style that captures moments or episodes of violence and conflict in his life. He explores the relationship between the group and the individual in contemporary life.

Renee So makes knitted portraits creating bridges across iconographies and cultures, from illustration to ancient civilisations.


Daniel Crews-Chubb depicts the human body in intensely formed male and female figures.

Dale Lewis’ work reflects his white, gay, working-class background and is influenced by medieval and renaissance painting. The composition is  dominated by intertwining bodies that symbolise tokens of sin, virtue and status.

Some interesting sculptures that I like at the gallery.

The Saatchi Gallery is a very enjoyable place that must be visited if you like modern art and have the opportunity to come to London.

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  1. Impressive sampling of the modern art at the Saatchi Museum in London! What makes your post stand out is your detailed description of the images, which makes me feel as if I had gone through the museum myself.

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  2. Wow, those are very interesting works indeed. I especially like the one with the masks? That’s a very intriguing concept…I would never have thought that such works could be like these…do you enjoy art like this then? 🙂

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