Between Waters

Cabedelo is a small city located about 20 km from the capital of Paraiba state in Brazil. The enormous Trans-Amazonian Highway (BR230) starts in Cabedelo and goes all the way on its 4000 km journey to the Amazon Rainforest.


The Santa Catarina Fort is Composed of an architectural complex with 20 compartments, among them the Chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the Gunpowder House, the Captain’s House, two prisons, eight soldiers barracks, four officers’ quarters, a freshwater well and two tunnels, besides being surrounded by gigantic walls adorned with cannons that were used by undaunted warriors. The Fortaleza is considered by many scholars and historians, in size and history, to be the most important in the northeast region or Brazil. Here was where the Portuguese, French and Dutch people fought  to take control of the region during the 15th and 16th centuries.


The beaches of Cabedelo are very calm, and tranquil. They are very good for watersports such as kayaking and paddle boarding. I loved doing all those things over there. You can also do some snorkeling in Areia Vermelha.

The Areia Vermelha Marine State Park, popularly known as Areia Vermelha, is a sand bank approximately 2 km long by 1 km wide, located in the middle of the sea and always appears when the tide is low. Although it is about two kilometers from the sea, the island has a structure to welcome visitors, with floating bars and tables near the sea, where various types of snacks and drinks are served. The most requested is the fruit cocktail served on a pineapple. A great place for bathing and diving in warm and clear waters with natural pools, where you can see various species of corals, fish, sea sponges, molluscs and crustacea.


The beautiful sandy beaches are very long and tranquil. Really good for long relaxing strolls by the blue seafront.


On one side of the city you have the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side a river called Rio Paraiba, and both join together at the end, where there is a big sea port for the state of Paraiba.


I took a ferry from the port and went all the way to a little town called Lucena. I could see nice views from the port when I was crossing over.


On the Lucena side the beaches are quite wild and unspoiled;  I found it quite charming seeing so much nature.


After I was cycling for a while I ended up at this beautiful church.


The Church of Our Lady of Guia was built in 1591 in a tropical baroque style – the façade features fruit designs, as well as images of angels, crowns, scepters and weapons of the empire. Located at the top of the city, there is a beautiful landscape of the coast.


I really enjoyed visiting the Municipality of Lucena and coming across this charming church with the tropical influence.

Here is an aerial view of the city of Cabedelo, courtesy of google. Here you can see how the city is surrounded by the sea at the left side, and river on the right side. Beautiful!

Image result for cabedelo vista aerea

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  1. O Brasil continental e suas belezas naturais, a cultura marcada pela arquitetura e as várias influências que recebeu ao longo de sua história aqui em um post magnífico. E marcar na agenda, claro. Muito obrigado obrigado. Meu abraço.

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