Summer at Ham House


Ham house is a historic house, situated beside the River Thames in Ham, south of Richmond in London. Ham House and garden is an unusually complete survival from the 17th century. It is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain.



I had the pleasure to enjoy a nice walk around the gardens. One of London’s best kept secrets, this atmospheric Stuart mansion nestles on the banks of leafy Richmond-upon-Thames. It has remained virtually unchanged for 400 years and is internationally recognized for its superb collection of textiles, furniture and art which have remained in the house for centuries.


2013-06-25 13.52.55


The house is absolutely beautiful. If you want to visit the garden it’s absolutely free, there is a small charge to visit the house.




The gardens of Ham House were restored by the National Trust to a 17th century layout to mark European Architectural Heritage Year (1975).



I had a great day there, enjoying the sunny day. The garden was carefully redesigned so the plants  faithfully recreate the atmosphere of the historic period.

2013-06-25 13.54.24

2013-06-25 14.52.48

Around the River Thames you can find lots of things to do and see. The Richmond area is very pretty, nice for long walks, cycling, and boat trips. If you ever visit London you should visit this  well kept secret.

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  1. Ham House is quite attractive and very unique in its details. I like how you include photos of you while there! If I went to Europe, I would also do this! Just to make sure people knew I really was there. Lol 😀

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  2. hello ultimatetravel8 its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow ham howse??? my brother tucker wood hav luvd that playse he just luvd ham!!! is it mayd of ham or is their just a lot of ham inside??? do they also hav bacon??? wot abowt — wot??? oh hmm may dada is trying to tel me that it is not kalld ham howse becuz it is ful of ham he sez it is becuz of ware it is!!! silly silly dada!!! ok bye

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