Two Season City

Bishkek is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. I had the pleasure to visit this city in summer, and went back for Christmas! I really enjoyed Christmas there, and it felt really cold with all the snow, and the freezing weather.



The Opera house is a beautiful place to visit. It is very nice inside, and they have a very interesting programme throughout the year. I managed to buy tickets for very low prices, and I sat right at the front of the stalls. I saw the operas La Traviata, Madame Butterfly and also some ballets there.



The State History Museum is an incredible museum full of interesting exhibits. It shows all the changes that have happened since the country was part of the Soviet Union, until nowadays. If you walk around the museum, you will end up at the Panfilov Park. This is a historic green space with walking paths, a central fountain & amusement-park rides. There are a lot of monument around, including a statue of Lenin.



In this picture you can see some of the monuments around the park. I took a nice picture of the local cinema. It had interesting details on the walls.

When I was walking around the city, I saw this post in front of the local theatre and I thought what a great play it could be! It was all in Russian. I don’t speak Russian that well, unfortunately.



Christmas time was amazing there. The local people are really into the festive season. There are lots of ornaments, and Christmas trees all over the place. You can see me here with my friends enjoying the freezing cold weather.

The main square looks very much in the style of the former Soviet Union to me. This is where they have their parliament buildings.

I did a side trip to a ski resort not very far away, about an hour away from Bishkek.

It was so nice. I come from a tropical country, and seeing so much snow was quite fascinating.


I’m not very into skiing, maybe because I never tried. I did some ice skating. Bishkek was one of my favourite destinations. It felt really challenging there, but I really had a great time.


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