Georgia on My Mind

The city of Tbilisi is situated in Georgia. It is cosmopolitan, international and sophisticated,  yet it is essentially and distinctly Georgian and retains a close focus on local tradition and culture. It is a city of contrasts, a meeting point between western and eastern civilizations. The architecture stretches from antiquity through eighteenth century balconied homes to austere soviet structures, right up to the ultra modern. The old is not overly polished.

I found this city to be very interesting – a mixture of colours wherever I went. A blast from the past, the old part of the city of Tbilisi looks intact from its ancient Byzantine-meets-Russian inception.

The architecture is gorgeous, a mix of European and the distinctively local.

The city was built on the hills, which is great for the views. Everywhere you look you can see the beauty of the city.

In the pictures above you can the Metekhi Cathedral which is located on a small hill inside Mtkoary River and next to the monument of King Vakhtang in the old city of Tbilisi. There are also very carefully painted houses.

On the top of the hill you can find the statue of the Mother Georgian, which symbolizes the Georgian national character.  In  her left hand she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies. I’m not quite sure if I managed to capture the monument very well: I only had my mobile phone with me.

Here you can see some random pictures of me having fun in Tbilisi. I am also standing in front of The Freedom Monument, which is a memorial located in central Tbilisi, Georgia, honouring soldiers killed during the Tbilisi War of Independence. It is considered an important symbol of freedom.

I loved visiting this amazing city, forget about Paris, Milan. Tbilisi is the place to visit!

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  1. Viajar nos proporciona muito. Entre o que mais gosto além da cultura, do povo, do patrimônio histórico, arquitetura, é o próprio lugar com seus mistérios, suas ruas, seus segredos. Uma cidade é uma vida. Gostei do título do post, certeiro. Abraço.

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      1. horrible traffic and air quality , noise. the least favourite place i have visited. it could be so much nicer if they introduced road pricing, park and ride, segregated cycle lanes, pedestrainised areas etc

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