Free Time in Freetown


Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone, situated in West Africa. This name was given to the city when the British helped four hundred freed slaves from the United States, Nova Scotia, and Great Britain return to Sierra Leone to settle in what they called the ‘Province of Freedom’.


In Freetown, you can see the sea from almost any point in the city and you are never far away from the beach!


Local Football team training at the beach.


The international airport of Freetown in Situated on the Island of Lungi. Here is where people come to catch the ferry boat to the main city.



The sunset here is incredible. I came here to watch the sunset from the Mahara Beach Hotel.


When the sun went I could see this beautiful lights by the ferry port.


That’s me sitting down and enjoying a drink after enjoying the sunset.



Here are some of the crafts made by the local people at the hotel.



It was great to come here in the afternoon and watch the world go by, and local people having fun.

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