Medieval City

Hanover is a place where the city lover can enjoy architecture alongside exploring its interesting past. In the north of Germany, Hanover is rich in culture, Royal Gardens and memorable art exhibitions, star-studded concerts and fascinating museums.

I was walking to the tram station. I had to catch the tram to go to the city centre to start my walking tour of the city.

This is the train station where I got off.

Here I am at a shopping Centre called Luise. It’s a stylish taste of some of Hanover’s fashionable shops. It has a beautiful glass roof. I was sitting down for a little while with an old friend!

Here on the right we can see the Opera house – one of the buildings in a classical style. It’s a famous signature building of the famous architect Georg Ludwig Laves. On the left, an eye catching building in a late French gothic style

Here we can see the ruins of a church. It was one of the largest places of worship in medieval Hanover. The Aegidienkirche.


Hanover new town hall. One of Hanover’s best known landmarks. Here you can see the Archer  whose arrow is pointed right at the Lord Mayor’s office.

Me standing at the front of the Town Hall. You can see a beautiful garden at the back of the Town hall.

Here you can the Laine Palace which is the home of the state parliament. Alongside the place you can explore some of the other beautiful corners of the city.

I had to take a rest from all the excitement of this town. I headed to the old town centre. The town is proud of its reputation for good food, and famous for its beer brewing. I had to have an ice cream.

In the Balhoff area you can enjoy Gothic Hanover. The Market church is the heart of the old town, a busy area where merchants and craftsmen used to live in 14th century.

Hanover is great place to visit. There is a very modern side of the city which I didn’t explore. I chose to enjoy the old town.

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