Sun Kissed City

Salvador is a beautiful city in Brazil. It’s the capital of the state of Bahia. Salvador da Bahia has an energy and unadorned beauty that few cities can match. Once the magnificent capital of Portugal’s great New World colony, Salvador is the country’s Afro-Brazilian jewel.

Salvador is famous for its Portuguese famous colonial architecture, Afro Brazilian culture and tropical coastline.


I had the opportunity to go to Salvador and visit a good friend of mine, and I did a little exploring of this amazing city.

Porto da Barra is a beach close to where we stayed. It’s a pretty little beach which gets really busy late in the afternoon. It has one of the most beautiful sunsets.

In the Old City center it’s where we find all the colonial architecture. The Pelourinho neighborhood is its historic heart, with cobblestone alleys opening onto large squares, colorful buildings and baroque churches such as São Francisco, featuring gilt woodwork.

Salvador is quite a big city with lots of things to do and visit. Pelourinho is one of the place that you must visit if you go there.

Friends getting together.

Salvador is certainly a place to visit. If you ever go to Brazil you must pay a visit to this colorful and friendly city.

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