Affairs Continued

In my last blog, I ended my cycling tour in Cascais. It’s a nice warm welcoming seaside town. Only minutes away from Lisbon, Cascais was once a fishing village, but nowadays its idyllic scenery attracts the attention of artists, writers and European tourists.


Everybody comes in force to enjoy the gorgeous beaches and adventure options like sailing and surfing. I was here at the beginning of autumn. It had a very calming and relaxed atmosphere, but it gets extremely busy in summer.



Another city that I had the opportunity to visit was Evora. This city is surrounded by the Alentejo, a region of sun-baked olive groves, fortified towns and traditional villages, all of which are a joy to explore from Evora. Evora and the Alentejo offer a truly unique Portuguese experience, with a distinctive heritage, delicious regional cuisines and an infectious unhurried pace of life – a consequence of the sweltering hot summer months.


Evora is one of the best tourist destinations of central Portugal, it is a delightful city that exudes Portuguese charm and boasts a vast array of fascinating historical monuments. Evora was historically a major trading and religious centre.

The Diana Roman Temple

Evora may not be as famous or instantly recognisable as other larger Portuguese cities, but it is a destination that should be high on the list of locations to visit while on holiday in Portugal

The gothic architecture of the Praça do Giraldo

When I was in Evora it was a very sunny day. It was extremely hot, beautiful blue sky, a perfect day to visit the city.


The gothic architecture of the Praça do Giraldo

The Bone Chapel is the most ghoulish sight of Portugal and thus one of the most memorable monuments of Evora. Inside the small chapel, the walls are lined with bones of the long-deceased, exhumed from the city’s graves as the city expanded to allow further burials.

For information about how to get to Évora by train, check the internet for the latest times as these can be subject to change. The trip takes one hour and twenty minutes and the station is just ten minutes walk from the centre of town when you arrive.

I really enjoyed my time in Portugal, and am looking foward to go back to explore other parts of this marvelous country.

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