Wonders of Marrakech!

Marrakech is a very magical city. It feels like you have been taken back in time, especially when you are in the old town around the souks. You can find the most amazing ornaments, and arabic style furniture.  Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco, north Africa. At the Medina you can see a donkey-cart swerving, and experience frenetic energy. Marrakesh fizzes with life. Who could resist the fun?

Marrakech July 2011 (44)

I stayed right in the middle of the Medina, where all the buzz was. I found it very difficult to find my way around on the first day, but afterwards, it was just like being at home.

The riad where we stayed was beautiful, full of colours and beautiful ornaments.

Just around the corner from the raid I could see many beautiful spice shops, and lots of arts and crafts everywhere.  The medina is Marrakech’s show-stopping sight of crowded souqs, where sheep carcasses swing from hooks next door to twinkling lamps, and narrow, doodling ochre-dusted lanes leading to nowhere.

You see all this amazing architecture around the Medina, beautiful arches in these pastel colours that mix so well.

The Marrakech museum exhibits Moroccan Art forms, exquisite ceramics and stained glass windows.Marrakech July 2011 (18)Marrakech July 2011 (17)

It has great palace ruins that you can visit.

Marrakech July 2011 (115)

Marrakech July 2011 (58)

I was sitting in the Cafe des Epices having a nice mint tea and enjoying the views of the souq.

I was passing by the main square and saw lots of snacks and street-food. I was really scared of them.

There is a nice park on the other side of the square. You can hire a carriage and do  a tour around the city.

If you are feeling really hot as I was, you can take a break at the park just behind the carriages.

The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. It’s planted with lush vegetation; it is an enchanting garden in the heart of the city. It was the house of  the painter Jacques Majorelle. He lived there for forty years and created this super space. When he died the garden was left neglected. In 1980, Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent acquired the garden to save it from property developers and to bring it back to life. Now it is world heritage.

It’s a beautiful garden –  breathtaking. I wish my garden was like this at home. The vibrant blue colours you see in the garden is the famous Majorelle Blue.

It is a vibrant place, an oasis full of beauty. If you ever go to Marrakech do not forget to visit this place.

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