Forgotten Time!

I was going through my holidays pictures, and suddenly these pictures popped out to me. Oh my god, I thought, these are the pictures of when I did hang-gliding in Rio.

On one of my many times in Rio the Janeiro, I was looking for new things to do. I read that hang-gliding was a must. I was frankly quite petrified of the idea. I saw a leaflet at the hotel in which I was staying. I phoned the instructor and booked it straight away.


Ian and I preparing for the jump. I couldn’t even move when I saw the height of the mountain.

Hang Glide.jpeg

After the jump my fear was gone. It was so peaceful up there. I could see brilliant views of  Tijuca forest and the Two Brothers Mountains right behind me. The instructor was quite calm and reassuring.

Image (4)

Down there you can see this amazing beach called Praia do Pepino. You can see how I was getting more relaxed with my hands in the air.

Hang Glide

Image (5)

The hang-gliding is done at the mountain called Pedra Bonita (Beautiful Stone). There is a minimum age to do this activity, which I think is 16 years old and a maximum weight (80 kg) as well. It lasts from between six to fifteen minutes depending on the wind conditions. You should use comfortable clothes, and try to book in advance.

It was a fantastic experience. I’m glad I was brave enough to do it. If you ever go to Rio do not think twice, just book it. You just feel how nice is to be a bird and glide in the skies. It’s very liberating.


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